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SDA's Believe Book Now Available

Nampa, Idaho, (July 30, 2018)—Seventh-day Adventists Believe, a freshly edited and updated declaration of the fundamental teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church will be available by mid-June. This new version will be distributed by Pacific Press® Publishing Association and will be sold through the Adventist Book Centers. The revision was coordinated through the Ministerial Association of the General Conference under the direction of Jonas Arrais, associate secretary of the department, who served as the coordinating editor. The main reason to produce a new edition at this time, according to Arrais, was “to include changes made to the statement of fundamental beliefs as voted by the world session of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which convened at San Antonio, Texas, USA, in 2015.”

Dr. John M. Fowler served as the content editor and worked with a select committee of 194 individuals from all of the church’s world divisions plus a smaller editorial committee of leaders, theologians, and pastors. The new edition includes some textual revision, smoothening of language, and clarification in the flow of expression. New study questions have also been included at the end of each chapter.

As with previous editions, this updated version reinforces the fact that Seventh-day Adventists do not follow a creed—a statement of beliefs set in theological concrete. Rather, Adventists have but one creed, “The Bible, and the Bible alone” (Ellen G. White, Selected Messages, bk. 1, p. 416).

Ted N. C. Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists says, “This new edition of Seventh-day Adventists Believe will continue to bless church members and the public in these end-times of earth’s history as they understand what we believe from the Bible as everyone becomes active in Total Member Involvement—everyone doing something for Jesus. All 28 fundamental beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists find their foundation in Christ and are centered in Him. I know that many will be blessed by reading, studying, and sharing these precious biblical truths as we lift up Christ, His Word, His righteousness, His sanctuary service, His saving power in the great controversy, His three angels’ messages, His health message, His last-day mission to the world including the need to plead for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit, and Christ's soon second coming.”

The new edition “comes in a larger format than the second edition,” reports Arrais. He adds, “It is my prayer that each member will be inspired and motivated to boldly share their faith with others.”

Seventh-day Adventists Believe is now available in all Adventist Book Centers across the North America Division, and can be ordered online at or at (800) 765-6955.

Seventh-day Adventists Believe 2018 version video

Each of the 28 beliefs has its own chapter and is listed under one of the following categories:
  •   The Doctrine of God
  •   The Doctrine of Humanity
  •   The Doctrine of Salvation
  •   The Doctrine of the Church
  •   The Doctrine of the Christian Life
  •   The Doctrine of Last Things

Each chapter begins with a short summary statement of the belief as voted by the General Conference in session and is followed by a theological exposition that explains the doctrinal teaching and its significance for Adventist Christians in today’s society. Study questions are included.
SDAs Believe Cover

Time Line
1. 1872—The Adventist press at Battle Creek publishes a “synopsis of our faith” in 25 propositions.

2. 1889—This document, slightly revised and expanded to 28 sections, appears in the denominational Yearbook.

3. 1905–1914—Included again in the Yearbook.

4. 1931—A committee of four, including the president of the General Conference, prepares a statement of 22 fundamental belief which are published in the Yearbook.

5. 1980—The General Conference session replaces it with a similar, but more comprehensive summary in 27 paragraphs, published under the title Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists.

6. 1988—The first edition of Seventh-day Adventists Believe is published.

7. 2005—The second edition is published and includes an additional fundamental belief, as voted by the General Conference in session at St. Louis, Missouri, USA, which gave clearer expression to the church’s understanding of God’s power to give victorious life over the powers of evil to believers in Jesus Christ.

8. 2015—Revisions and edits made at the General Conference in session at San Antonio, Texas, USA.

9. 2018—The third edition is published to reflect these changes.

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