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Steps to Christ: Commemorating 125 Years

Nampa, Idaho, (August 7, 2017)—Ellen G. White's classic, Steps to Christ has now been in print for 125 years. It was first published by the Fleming H. Revell Company in Chicago, Ill. As brother-in-law to Dwight L. Moody, Revell's publishing company began in 1870 and soon became the largest and most influential publisher within evangelical circles. The Review and Herald® Publishing Association purchased the copyright for the book in 1892, shortly after its initial print run.

Today, Steps to Christ is the most popular and widely read of all White's books. It has been printed worldwide in more than 165 languages. It's not known how many copies have been sold or distributed through the years. Its impact will only be known in eternity.

Pacific Press® is commemorating this milestone with the offer of a personalized edition of the book. It is available as a standard 1-color or special 4-color body, with the option of a custom designed cover. See below for special pricing, or inquire here. Non-custom designs can be ordered directly from where there are dozens of different options in stock. It is also available through your local Adventist Book Center.

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Ellen G White

Ellen G. White, author of
Steps to Christ.

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Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.

God might have committed the message of the gospel, and all the work of loving ministry, to the heavenly angels. He might have employed other means for accomplishing His purpose. But in His infinite love He chose to make us co-workers with Himself, with Christ and the angels, that we might share the blessing, the joy, the spiritual uplifting, which results from this unselfish ministry.

Steps to Christ, p. 79.