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Making the Bright Choice

Devotional for Tuesday, July 07, 2020
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For seven brutal years in the fallen forests and fields of Israel, God gave breath and sustenance and seventy heartbeats a minute to men and women who were bowing down to a lifeless god. People worshipped Baal with the strength that God had given them; they offered up children as human sacrifices—children created in God's image and shaped in the womb by God.

Before God can truly swing into action on our behalf, before He can fight for us against our own Midianite armies, the false gods have to go. The Baal idols have got to be torn down, and the Asherah poles of our own Facebook-distracted generation must be destroyed. 

The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary hits that very nail on the head when it notes that "God would not honor a sacrifice to Himself until the idols were overthrown. So it is today. Every idol must be removed from the heart if we would claim God's blessing today."

In Judges 6, the real power of God doesn't get ramped up until the false gods are ridden out of the town on a rail. God is always there; God is always love—but He can't be truly active and powerful until He is seated on the throne and giving the orders.

FROM Of Fleeces and Faith by David B. Smith, p. 66

For more information on this book: www.adventistbookcenter.com/of-fleeces-and-faith-stop-doubting-and-believe.html



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