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A Personal Introduction

Devotional for Thursday, February 13, 2020
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The hesed view of God’s character was not merely conceived in the human imagination. Nobody made this up. Rather, it was revealed in the form of a personal introduction. In a world pervaded by arbitrary, appeasable “gods,” a certain man heard a voice promising blessing and faithfulness from God to man (Genesis 12-22). And to the utter astonishment of the man, and all who would follow after him, it was the voice of God Himself making the promise. The man was known to his family as Abram, but God would eventually change his name to “Abraham.” The name change would be made once his perception of God was altered sufficiently for the new name to be fitting.

In that epic divine-human encounter, a massive paradigm shift was to be set in motion, eventually to make a complete 180-degree rotation in the ultimate son of Abraham, Jesus Christ (John 8:54-58; Matthew 1:1), who would come to our world as the hesed of God incarnate.

Here was a God who was communicating to humanity, making promises, seeking covenant relationship, vowing Himself to be just and true in all His ways, and promising to create the same kind of character in all who would open their hearts to Him.

More than all that, here was a God who was promising to one day show up in the flesh to act out His faithful love to the point of giving His life for the world. This God would give Himself as the sacrifice for human salvation rather than require that sacrifice be offered by humanity to Him.

FROM A God Named Desire by Ty Gibson, Pg 91-92

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