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Job Specifications

Job Type:
Job Description:
Flat Size: help
Specify length and width in inches of the finished product without folds.
Folded Size: help
If the product needs to be folded, specify the dimensions in inches of the finished piece after folding.
Bleed: help
If your piece requires the ink to print to the edge of the paper with no white space it is said to have a bleed.
Quantity 1: help
Multiple quantities may be specified to obtain pricing for each.
Quantity 2:
Quantity 3:
Pages: help
Specify number of pages if more than one sheet will be printed.

For Example: If two 11” x 17” sheets are to be printed on both sides and then folded in half, the number of pages is 8.
Paper Stock: help
  1. Newsprint
  2. Offset
  3. Gloss Text
  4. Cover/Coated two sides
  5. Cardstock Gloss Cover
  6. Cardstock Coated two sides
Ink Side 1: help
  • To print a full color range, specify 4-color process.
  • If only the front side will be printed, indicate ‘none’ for Ink Side 2.
  • We recommend using CMYK or 4-color process rather than spot colors for most jobs.
Ink Side 2:
File Release Date: help
This is the date that you anticipate your final files will be ready for uploading.
Special Instructions:

Shipping Information

Required Delivery Date: help
  • This is the date you require your job to be delivered by.
  • Enter the zip code or zip codes of the shipping destination(s) in the area below.
Shipping Zip Codes

Bulk Shipping Information

Bulk Mail from PPPA?
Using an envelope?
Target Quantity: help
  • This is the number of addresses you are planning to mail to.
  • In the area below include all the post offices (zip codes) you are planning to mail to.
Saturation Mail: help
Select this option if you are mailing to every residential address within a postal carrier route. Saturation mail has the lowest postage rate.
Additional Info:

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