customer referrals 

“Specialty Printing at Pacific Press Publishing Association (PPPA) has brought a touch of professionalism to our printing needs. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful; deadlines are met as promised; they always seem to find a way to meet our budget. I would highly recommend Specialty Printing at PPPA to any organization who cares about quality printing and the image this can convey. I predict you will be just as satisfied as I have been.”

John Treolo
Communication Director, Kansas-Nebraska Conference

“They have faithfully printed our monthly magazine for more than a decade. We have also collaborated on a couple of major book projects. In every case, we have successfully depended on their consistent commitment to quality. I've lost count of the times their sharp eyes have saved us the embarrassment of an error or 'typo.' They have fostered such a strong relationship of trust and accountability that I can hardly imagine taking our work anywhere else.”

Steve Vistaunet
Asst to the President/GLEANER editor

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