Man Roland 700 Offset

The 29 x 40 MAN Roland 700 press can handle the most demanding job with high precision and reliability. It is capable of speeds up to 15,000 sheets per hour; offers six-color printing in one pass; provides the ability to aqueous coat covers, posters, or bookmarks with a variety of finishes including matte or gloss; and has up to 200 line screen available.


MAN Roland 700

Harris M200 - Web Offset

The six-unit 22 ¾ x 36, six-color, heatset web press flexes its muscles at speeds of 30,000 cut offs per hour, with up to 175 line screen available. It employs a Perretta color and registration system. Twenty-foot ovens permit the finest quality printing on the best grades of coated papers.

ManRoland Rotoman - Web Offset

We have a five unit Rotoman N 22 3/4 x 38 five color web. This press will run 50,000 copies an hour and will soon glue in line and trim. It has QTI color and register cameras to maintain the best color and registration quality on the market today. Special features are the automatic blanket washing and auto plate hanging systems. With the PPM system we can have jobs preset before we start printing. This includes folder settings and cut off presets as well as ink keys being done in minutes without any paper loss. The forty foot multizone dryer keeps gloss and ink at premium looking quality. The five barrel chill unit maintains the optimal temperature to set the ink and serves as the cooling system for the drivers on the computers that run the whole network of equipment on the press.

Harris M200 Web Offset



  • Folders: (2) MBO—one has self-mailer capability
  • Stitchers: (2) Mueller Prima & Bravo
  • Muller Perfect Binder 24 pockets
  • Kolbus Casemaker
  • Kolbus Hardbound Line
  • Laminator: GBC Voyager
  • Cutters: (2) Polar 115
  • Aster Sewing Machine
  • Hunkeler Tipping Machine



  • Envelope Insertion
    • Bell & Howell Phillipsburg Master Mailer III
    • 6 insert stations
  • Inkjets
    • Single Copy Inkjet
      • Videojet 4210 Print System
      • Videojet 7000 base
      • Rima Counter Stacker
      • 2 in-line mosca strappers
    • Firmbundle Inkjet
      • Videojet 4210 Print System
      • Kirk Rudy Base
      • Kirk Rudy KR950 Counter Stacker
      • Arpac 55 GI Shrink Bundler
    • Tabbing with in-line Inkjetting
      • Kirk Rudy Net Jet Print System with HP Technology
      • Kirk Rudy 545D Tabber
      • Capable of tabbing 3 side in a single pass
    • Inkjet Media/Processing Information
      • Medium
        • 3.5" Floppy Disk
        • CD
        • DVD
        • FTP
        • CompuServe
        • Internet
        • World Wide Web
      • Record Format
        • ASCII Fixed
        • Comma Delimited
        • Note: Mailing lists from word processors should NOT be used!

Mailings are sorted for best rates and lowest handling costs. USPS has a branch office in our plant. Bulk mail is shipped direct from our plant to the post office every work day.


Media Processing Information

  • Medium
    • 3.5" Floppy Disk
    • Internet
    • World Wide Web
    • Zip Drive 100m
    • FTP
    • CD
    • DVD
  • Programs
    • Pagemaker
    • InDesign
    • Quark Express
    • Illustrator
  • Files and Items To Be Included With Hard Copy
    • All text files
    • All graphics files
    • All EPS/TIFF files
    • All fonts (or font names)
  • Resolution
    • For halftones - 220 DPI, minimum
    • For line art - 800 DPI, minimum
    • Stacatto (coming in 2005)


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