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Loneliness Kissed Love

Devotional for Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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People are lonely, and loneliness hurts. . . . Too often, we numb the pain of loneliness through escapist behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, materialism, video games, pornography, and other distractions. Once these distractions take on a life of their own, they develop into addictions. Addiction compromises the relationship-building, pro-social part of the brain, driving us further into the loneliness that led us to the addiction in the first place. As with addiction, loneliness both precedes and follows mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and psychotic and personality disorders. . . .

As believers, we will continue to experience loneliness. The gospel doesn’t remove our humanity; it gives us the power to live it fully. “Turn Yourself to me, and have mercy on me,” said the psalmist, “for I am desolate and afflicted” (Psalm 25:16). But rather than a soul-numbing dead end, loneliness becomes a passageway into deeper fellowship with God and, ultimately, with our brothers and sisters. God deepens us to make us more capable of profound love. Knowing the infinite riches of God’s love held in store for us, we are safe to enter the human realm with all of its perils and pain.

FROM 13 Weeks To Joy by Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, p. 91, 96

For more information on this book: www.adventistbookcenter.com/13-weeks-to-joy.html



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